Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Conscious awareness comes by paying attention to subtle shifts in energy, which expands your ability to perceive what has always been in front of you. A simple change of perspective heightens awareness that transforms your perception to access wisdom beyond the filters of limitation. Activating your ability of perception opens the doors of what was once the unknown to become perceived. Causing a vibrational shift that parts the veils of illusion and limitation. What was once thought to be impossible becomes possible and realized.

Enlightenment is the expanded awareness of perception to consciously perceive new truths that are aligned with a greater understanding of the knowledge to shift reality. Taking an active responsibility of your thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions creating your reality is authentic power of co-creation. Disengaging from the distraction of survival and the grip of fear allows for wholeness and harmony to become restored between your inner and outer worlds, allowing new levels of experience to become realized, aligned with greater possibility for your probability.


Resonating with the frequency of galactic consciousness increases the ability to perceive Nature Spirits, Elementals, Fairy’s, Elves to name a few. Once we begin to perceive the myriad of life energies flowing around us and learn to interact with them in a symbiotic relationship, life as we know it will transform. This deliberate conscious intention to co-create with the these energies from a state of integrity that is in balance and harmony, allows access to true unlimited abundance, that can only be realized with the vibrational frequency of honor and reverence to all forms of life. Resonating with this love will manifest a New Garden of Eden upon the earth.

Deborah Eidson

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing With Fairy's

I was pondering upon how my life has been impacted by time shifts and the likes. Apart from the usual things disappearing and re-appearing which has been plaguing me for decades now. For example, I have learned not to get in a frenzy looking for that missing pencil or book that I just laid down next to me. I know that it will reappear once I return to what I have called a different dimension. What I have observed is that it occurs most when I am in a focused communion with higher self and get knocked out of that focus is when it is gone. So I don’t fret, (well most of the time that is) I just wait to when I return back to that place / state and the object will re-appear right where I laid it.
Though there are those many instances where glasses, phones, crystals, passport, clothes all for example, disappear and reappear in the most unlikely place. This has been a great exercise in patience for me. Sometimes when something has vanished and I need it now, I politely demand that it be returned immediately, and lo and behold it will, but not where it was when it went MIA. I contribute this to what I call the borrowers (fairy’s, elves, little people, we have many names for them).
One of the gifts for working with these beings is that they can also manifest things to appear. One day with immense fairy activity; things shifting around, my chimes ringing without wind, wisps of fog, and strange smells in the air to name a few indicators. I had a dress hanging in the closet that I planned to ware that evening, pulling it out I noticed it was smelly like it hadn’t been washed, which meant that I would have to rethink my outfit, and along with not finding my favorite bra (they seem to be infatuated with my bras). Basically that day they were causing me delays in getting ready. I started to get frustrated but realizing this was a pattern of sorts, events that seemed to happen blocking me from getting ready to go someplace on time. There have been times in the past that the frustration of events would take the joy away from what it was that I was going to do. I knew that getting frustrated was just going to delay me longer, so I decided to laugh and shake my head with amusement giving up on the need to be on time. Reminding myself “The party doesn’t start till I get there.”

As I was brushing my hair and contemplating on what my attire would be for the evening a penny dropped on the floor. This made me chuckle, and I asked them ever so nicely to “please” bring my bra back now! I looked down on the sink where another penny had appeared.

So I went back and re-opened my drawer and there on top of my favorite bra, were three one hundred dollar bills. They were not there the last time, just a moment ago, that I had rummaged through the drawer in search of that bra. I was rather pleased to say the least! I just happened to be in need of $300 for a project I was thinking about before I started to get dressed. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightening ---- they don’t have value for paper money, just copper pennies. Thanking them for the gift, I quickly explained to them that in this dimension we do have value on that green paper. Quite delighted by my find, and absently mindedly wishing that a favorite dress of mine wasn’t dirty. I picked it up off the floor and guess what it looked and smelt like it just came out of the laundry. I was startled because I had spilled some milk on it earlier but it was totally clean. It was so refreshing to be delighted instead of feeling rushed and off centered, and everything worked out better than I could have imagined in perfect “Divine Right Timing”!

Ever since then I have been finding paper money just lying around on the floor, in my purse, or some other weird place. One day I was giggling to myself, and my partner asked me what was so amusing? I showed him every time I dug through my purse I would find more paper money, or open a book and a dollar or two would fall out. This went on for 30 minutes or more and I came up with an added 37 dollars.

So the moral of this story is to learn to play with the energy….
The less stress the greater the miracle!
(A pot of gold could be right in front of you)!

I take photographs of nature spirits and energy to help people develop the ability to perceive the “Unknown Realms of Beings” that reside all around us. We walk through the world oblivious to them. They are just waiting for us to come and play with them. They have so much to show us about the world if we would only allow them to be real! The possibilities that will come from interaction with them can create things to be probability beyond what we know possible in the world today.
De Light Full Deborah

Photo Alchemy:
Images from the Other side of the Veil!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photos of Nature Spirits / Devas and the “Unseen Realms”.

Photo Alchemy a mirroring process that opens portals revealing worlds, many of these worlds we have heard stories about, but masked as myths and fairytales, or we have visited in our dreams.
These unseen / hidden realms have been patiently waiting for us to wake up and come play with them.
If there is the existence of other dimensions and beings that can communicate with us, then the world we call our reality is really just an illusion, and all the concerns we busy ourselves with are only limitations we have created to keep us in separation from the truth of our unlimited potential.
Opening the portal we see into multidimensional realms that can be beautiful, whimsical, fascinating and / or frightening depending on how you look at it. Entertain the possibility of all!

Check out my first you tube video....

Take a peek into the "Unseen Realms"!!!
Delightfull Deborah

Friday, September 3, 2010

Are You Master Of Your Mind ... OR ..... A Slave To It?

Brain Harmonizer
The mind is a funny thing. It can be your best friend or worst enemy. It holds the keys to your reality, and if left on its own accord without a connection to Source / Soul guidance it has a tendency to imprison one with illusion. The mind / subconscious / habitual mind / ego --- it believes it is the master creator for your reality. Its prime directive is to ensure your survival. To ensure that survival it takes control over all data because it is an amazing observer that records every thought, emotion, sensation, belief, action, and knows nothing outside of itself. The problem is that left unchecked it filters all data and limits perception. It judges through automatic responses based upon past experiences and assumptions of what is known. It can become so powerful and controlling that it denies messages from the physical body, emotions, and spirit creating great stress and fear that often leads to disconnecting from the other senses. It is the greatest obstacle on the path of enlightenment. It just knows that you will survive doing its way. It doesn’t matter how emotionally, physically or spiritually painful that way might be for you. It is the master puppeteer of illusion.

Paradigm shift
I never have bought into the metaphysical paradigm that the ego has to die to become enlighten. Try telling that to your ego! It will show you who is boss. I have always thought that it made more sense to befriend the ego because it is just a confused aspect taking on more responsibility (dictatorship in some) then it really is equipped to handle. It is very fixed and mired in the mundane as all there is, adamant that it knows best. It is fearful of information that comes from intuition, emotional sensory, and most of all Spirit. It is willing to do anything it can to hold onto its power over you, that includes lying. Learning to be a mind whisperer you can eventually reprogram it to work in harmony with the other bodies and Soul.

One of the first steps is to become vigilant of the chatter and propaganda it is always playing over and over lulling you into believing. It is so overwhelming with its truth, you succumb to it. Learning to question the validity of its thoughts and follow where they originate from can lead you out of its prison. Deleting, erasing, ejecting old programming as your reality and informing it you have a new reality; and that is….. put in a visual, picture that is rich with you doing the new reality, see yourself having that happen, hear what is said to you using that, feel how it feels having it. Search deep inside for any resistance that might be standing in your way. Don’t judge it just embrace it with love like a child that knows no better. Embrace all those aspects of yourself that have fragmented and feel unworthy. Acknowledge the journey and gift they have given you, but affirm you are consciously choosing a different direction to live your life.

Enjoy and feel how aligned you are to this new reality. This will go on for sometime till the resistance builds up again trying to re-align you to the old. At that point just surrender it to the Divine. The resistance can become so powerful locking your focus into the old. Remember what you resists persists. That is the time when you have to break state and focus on seeing the beauty all around, opening your heart to gratitude. If you vigilantly reprogram or re-align to the love your mind will release the old.
Program Release
Another very important aspect is to root out verbiage in your vocabulary that supports old paradigms and limitations. It is also important to remove words of negativity, and judgment that cause separation, to begin using words and phrases that are more unified in definition. Remember that what ever you say of another the mind believes it is what you are saying about yourself, for it knows nothing outside of itself.

Removing the mind’s filtering devices to allow input from untried sources can be done by learning to trust one’s self and the development of intuition as a reliable source of data. You might begin by just acknowledging the intuition, at first it might be difficult to act upon it, but the mere acknowledgement of its validity will loosen the filters allowing more incoming data for making conscious response. Learning to listen through your body to the subtle clues and energy shifts will ultimately lead to greater intuition.
Higher Vision
Once the mind feels safe that this is a viable source of information it often will relinquish control little by little. Working with your higher self / source creates or re-establishes connection with Soul. With conscious focus weeding out the “known” to following a new course that is Soul directed allows the ego to become the vehicle of Spirit in action. That is a wonderful thing! Believe it or not it is better equipped to follow Soul’s guidance than be the creator of repetitive reactionary responses that is always in a flight or fight state. The oxycotin (love) hormone is much more pleasant and addictive and has the power to heal all aspects of self.

Once you have mastered the mind, then focused intention becomes easier to master and things begin to magically happen around your thoughts. Moving beyond what is known through imagination as the navigator into new worlds and realms of possibility to become manifest.

Delightful Deborah

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I savor those moments of absolute perfection. Where there is no thought but only “Beingness” of perception. How I get there or better yet what is it that triggers that state is the true question. The mind recedes but the body feels beyond its wrapper. If I were to describe it: a state kin to liquid light that is. Only a moment in time, but it is like an eternity in being. Calmness of logic filed with a rationale of knowing creating wisdom of intelligence. Having made so many attempts in the past to finally reach out and actually touch the brass ring on the merry-go-round. Magic swirls around like mists of dew on a rose bud, so innocent and pure. Zipping along a beam of light at hyper speed towards an unknown destination but knowing at the same moment. A dichotomy unified with adventure and fueled with imagination to ride the winds of possibility. So often over before it started and back to the awareness of what you know as tangible reality.

How to string those moments together holding the grander awareness of all that is in this physical form is such an adventure or some might think a delusion. I can’t speak for the rest only myself. But in those moments there is clarity beyond words or concepts just pure connection with source. What I bring back from my travels is a renewed sense of purpose and expanded perception of possibility. I do believe that the imagination is a key to making those leaps or reality slips.

One observation I would like to share is that there truly is something happening at a sub-atomic level creating these portals, worm holes, doorways to open at this time more ever so in history as I have known it in my physical form. There seems to be an alignment going on in the ethers that is creating or awakening consciousness that just could be evolving the formation of a new universe to call reality. It is happening on a wide scale of the population maybe unbeknownst to many but it is occurring. What form will this creation manifest as, is still in the fertilization phase. With any seed it requires the light of sun, nourishment, and most of all tender loving care to bring it to bloom.

To take our rightful role as stewards of co-creation we need to tend our gardens with love and a watchful eye for the weeds of miss-contempt to take hold and over run the grains of possibility, choking them with lack and stunting their growth. Many places on this wonderful planet Gaia has become only suitable for weeds because the love has been lost. More like stolen from us by the glamour of illusion inspiring us to dream for treasure but once found realizing it is only fools gold. Discovering we bought someone else’s dream is often hard to let go of that misplaced loyalty, which only breeds denial, bitterness and resentment to name a few, but most of all the belief of lack and a sense of how things need to be hoarded for a rainy day or kept from the undeserving. Who ever we imagine that might be. What is even more distressful is how we have bought into that system the powerful are more deserving and it is our duty to fulfill their coffers with our blood, sweat and tears but most of all our imagination. The truth is becoming revealed and a storm is brewing, lets make sure that it will just be a passing thunderstorm and not a full blown tsunami drowning everything in its path.

Thunder lightening and rain create negative ions to clear the air and create rainbows. That is one tangible truth we can remember and not get caught up magnetizing the energy with fear and distrust creating tornados of thought harming all in its path. A universal law is that all energy comes to resonance. It is a simple question I pose to you, “do you want your energy to be in resonance with fear or love”? As a co-creator you have the power to stop the flow and reverse the swirl maybe not for the whole planet as of yet, but at least for your own life. Be come aware of your thoughts and question your motivations so you don’t get caught up in others gravitational pull where it becomes almost impossible and you feel powerless to disengage from. Taking responsibility for your power of thought, action and deed is a key to remember. All situations can change because that is inevitable. How they will change is up to you. Remember this once lack goes by the wayside so does greed, hoarding, disease, crime and discontent to name a few of the ills.


Take a moment and breathe in the beauty around you, filling yourself with love and forgiveness and renewed vision of abundance and honor respecting all life as the path you might want to walk upon into this new universe. See the changes as opportunity for re-alignment to the divine! Hold your vision on the love with an open heart radiating compassion for all without judgment.

De light Full Deborah

Thursday, August 19, 2010


 I ask myself all the time “why do I believe life has to be hard?” My immediate answer would be “that’s just how we have been conditioned to believe as the role for life experiences to be played.” The funny thing is once upon a time that was my truth but, as I have overcome more and more of the limitations of my conditioning, my awareness and consciousness has expanded the boundaries of my perception. The lines blur and the unseen realms begin to be seen which have at times created tremendous internal stress which brought me to a cross road where I was forced to make a choice: to either accept my powerlessness in order to maintain the insanity defined as reality, or make a change by letting go of my dearly loved beliefs and paradigms of rigid order of rules and reactions that defined life through the physical senses of taste, touch, sight, and sound making the known universe tangible - as all there is. At times it felt like walking through the valley of craziness because things appeared not at all as taught, and much too far fetched for ordinary folks focused on the mundane to fathom.

Having the faith to follow the guidance of my Soul and not allow my ego’s obsessions over mundane concerns lock me into a fearful survival mode, distracting my quest with the illusion of limitation was as slippery slope to climb. As the vastness of our true unlimited potential is perceived this causes new paradigms to evolve with an expanding awareness that roots out the old limitations. This is an ongoing dance that has become more of an adventure than a battle.
Letting go of the need to be a “Warrior” who qualifies experiences as “friend or foe”, in order to follow upon the path of the “Adventurer”, who lives life with gusto discovering new wonders, which can breathe a sense of fun and joy into the physical while lightening the load of life. An authentic freedom begins to be known that can only come from having sovereignty over your own being, and taking responsibility for your own choices will redefine your reality. It is an amazing perspective to feel truly supported by the Divine and have the unlimited power creating reality as you so desire, limited only by your own limitations. Those limitations are only through the addiction or obsession of the tried and true. Often we are blinded by complacency; the lack of vision or fortitude to dig a little deeper into our psyches and question what intentions or belief’s we are energetically aligned with, and learn what resistance we might be carrying holding us in limitation.

I wanted to share some of the questions I ask myself in order to gain more clarity. I hope these questions will help you unlock your own limitations. May they instill an infusion of hope and energy to keep moving beyond the boundaries of ordinary perspective into new horizons of hope and honor to live life in a heart centered manner that is filled with purpose and unlimited possibility.

Do you know what you believe?
How open are we to truly allow a constant flow of life that is one synchronicity after another? How much gratitude do we radiated form our being? How much appreciation do we truly have for the simple moments of basking in the beauty? Do you focus on the lack of what you don’t have, or what it is you want? Can you just stop and smell the roses with out pressure or time constraints? Is worry a constant companion or a forgotten acquaintance? Are you a slave to your thoughts or master of your mind?

Do you know yourself or see yourself? Will others accept you when you are true to yourself, or do you have to be how others want you to be? Are you motivated towards experiences you want, or running from what you don’t want? Do you govern yourself with punishment or by reward? Do you allow yourself to have what you want, or just accept what you get as your lot in life? Is life preordained or created? Do you have the power to change your life’s circumstances, or do the circumstances have the power to keep change from your life?
What does living in the moment mean to you? Can the stillness drown out the chatter, allowing you to perceive living in the moment, or do you need the chatter to tell you how to perceive living? What happens if one moment leads to another synchronicity that your heart desires? Would you feel following the unknown to be exciting or scary? Could you really let go and allow things to energetically align with your intention? Do you really know and feel aligned to what your true intentions are, or are they just a fa├žade for what should be? Can you ask once and know it shall be done, or do you have to beg and plea -reinforcing what you lack?

Are you emotionally aligned to manifest your desires, or do you have some resistance that distorts or blocks your desire from manifesting? Can you surrender the form, or do you have to figure out what the exact form will be that you allow it to manifest as? Do you truly believe in miracles? Can you live your life with miracles being the norm or will they be the exception?

What does it mean to recognize true joy? How do you respond to another’s joy? Can you respond in kind, or is it overwhelming to be around too much exuberance? How important is it to you to always make a good impression in order for others to like you? Do you need other’s to love you so you can love yourself, or can you love yourself and know other’s will love you because you do? Would you believe that others will perceive you as you perceive yourself? Do you see and act to others as how you want them to see and act to you? Are you looking to see the love in life or side-tracked by seeing only the ugly?

Is it safer to be closed off and cautious of your love because you would feel too vulnerable pouring out your love in all thoughts, actions and deeds. Are you afraid to open your heart because that is how others can hurt you? What would happen if you walk through life with your heart open in love would you believe that is how others would respond back to you? What does it truly mean to love? Do you find yourself in love, or do you lose yourself with love? Can you love without exception? Can you love too much, or can there be too much to love?

Can love heal all or is it time that heals all? Has time been a cruel master repeating the same ole record over and over? Do you ever look at the story you are telling yourself? What would happen if you wrote a new script for your passion play? A change in perspective is all that is needed for a transformation to occur. It could be realized easily and simply maybe by; tilting your head to the side, or hanging up side down laughing at the predictability of yourself, this new perspective just might change the whole picture! You have the dials just change the channel, adjust the color settings, maybe lower the contrast or turn on the radio for a new sound tract to go along with the new you. Throw caution to the wind to lighten your load, live in the moment change your perception creating new paradigms. Dream a new universe for all to be in peace without lack. Live in sacred manner, to yourself, those around you, all creatures big and small and most of all with Mother Earth. It is time and it is happening now so take the responsibility and set your self free from the yoke of illusion and limitation so you can fly with unlimited possibility! Let your Soul be your guide so that your ego can be the vehicle to express spirit in action.

De Light Full Deborah

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Part 11   (Here is a short list of possibilities)

As the inner ear awakens to a greater perceptional range of vibration it can be very unnerving until you learn how to interpret this language of light to better flow with the frequencies.

As your vibration rises often your hearing becomes enhanced. Most people only perceive buzzing or a static sound and think they have tinnitus (a ringing in the ears). That is often the initial level of perception but as you become conscious of it you can begin to distinguish subtle shifts in the tone and frequency. It is a powerful signal of what is going on around you. It can alert you to possible disasters / accidents waiting to happen, in other words harmonious or disharmony influences. Sometimes the sound currents open to Angelic choirs, bells, flutes, drum rhythms, energy flows, earth changes such as tsunamis, earth quakes or weather changes. You begin to hear the trees breath and the earth groan.

If this is happening to you, then you are really reaching a very high vibratory rate and will probably be a profound healer or channel for spirit. It is due to extremely high energy coming into the physical form. It could be described as 50,000 volts of electricity coming in at once, not only can the body not cope, but it goes through the body and out again and as it does so it affects all electronic equipment. Phone batteries run down exceptionally fast. You might pass by a TV and the channel switches. Wireless frequencies can be felt as an irritating itch, can be perceive as a static pitch that can drone out natures harmonic tones. It is helpful to re-center and clear the energetic space with sound frequencies, sage, or diffusing essential oils to transform the annoying effects.
Electrical shocking will occur when the body is dehydrated and short circuits the body’s electrical system causing a dead battery effect. Lots of pure living water, Bio Plasma cell salts, mud baths, salt rubs, essential oil baths, swimming, spending time in nature will help to discharge this energy in a more beneficial manner.

Due to the increase of electrical wires running above ground across the landscape, microwave towers wireless devices, cell phones and fluorescent light bulbs cause what is known as dirty electrical currents that affect the body in profound ways causing a large range of energy distortions producing a laundry list of symptoms that causes physical ills in the nervous system, glandular, hormonal, as well as, creating stressful mental and emotional states producing dysfunctional behavior changes and personality disorders. The ramifications of EMF currents are not being considered in modern allopathic medicine. Running copper shielding can alleviate some of the fallout as well as placing crystals electric boxes, making orgone energy devices will help to counter act these influences.

Light takes on a new quality and intensity that seems to be more shimmering and with a pearly luminous, thus awakening you to be able to perceived subtle gradations of color. The atoms of air dance for you, the air seems to be a jiggling gelatinous substance as make that deep heart connection to the infinite Divine. You might close your eyes and geometric symbols, patterns and colors are seen through your 3rd eye as if your eyes are open. At times vision will be blurred as you learn to adjust to fine tune your depth perception, as multi-dimensional sight and the unseen begin to reveal themselves. What is happening is your 3rd eye and 2 physical eyes are triangulating a new dimension reality of clairvoyant seeing. A knowing for understanding the language of light, download from the soul into the heart for communicating and connecting with the all. Grids and auras appear around all living things as you connect to that life force and expand awareness to see beyond.

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Things might shape-shift in and out of focus, light orbs might zip by, light seems to dim and intensify in waves, light beams reflect off of what seems like mirrors beaming a Morse code, things might shimmer like a mirage, opaque things become transparent and light energy feeds the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Try yawning to shift the energy. Honey and water ointment can soothe the eyes, if you have a sty – made a paste from water and slipper elm. Colloidal silver works well too.

A natural knowing is perceived when hooked up to Divine Source. All of a sudden can hear what people are thinking before they say it. Know who is on the other end of the phone before you answer it. Call someone or show up as they are talking about you. Can feel residue thoughts vibrating in a space long after the occupant left the space. Electronic Voice Phenomena, EVP begin to be perceived but use discernment as to what they say to you and how you allow it to affect you.

You will find that dogs and cats, birds, dolphins and all creatures big and small, will become aware of your energy; could be frightened by it or drawn to be around it all the time. Many animals can't get enough of the energy. Others are somewhat frightened because they do not understand it and are not as telepathic. You also open to understanding them and better able to communicate on a telepathic level. They have a lot to say! Birds and insects come when you call them to eat the mosquitoes to keep nature in balance. You crave spending time in nature.

The veils between realities are thinning allowing the unseen realms to be seen and interacted with. As we raise our vibration we naturally become more attuned to subtle perception opening what is known as psychic abilities. This might come in the form of clairvoyance, clairaudient, empathic, telepathic, psychometry, all intuitive abilities known as ESP – (extra sensory perception) heighten through raising ones energy vibration which leads to greater conscious awareness.

We begin having awareness of moving back and forth through dimensions and bleed through of parallel lives we are simultaneously living. This is very disconcerting at first and many people begin to feel like they are going crazy because it is so contrary to the consensual consciousness of the masses. It is natural to first rationalize the experiences as not reality but they are real and once you are able to accept them without resistance the easier life becomes. A door opens to greater possibility of un-limitedness that transcends the physical realm laws of nature. The ego surrenders to the Soul and becomes a vehicle of expression on the physical plane. You become Soul infused and or enlightened.

It is a razors edge because it requires a surrendering of all that you hold dear as beliefs in order to venture into a magical realm of miracles. Letting go of the ego’s need to control and dictate a reality that is known and familiar to one that is unknown and scary-cite (scary but exciting at the same time) it is not easy. Embarking on this journey you will encounter resistance from all walks of life, causing great fear and stress that can harm your sense of sanity if you are not ready and at a vibrational rate that can handle this increase flow of energy, and perception. The heart will guide you with great love the mind will trick you with the familiar.


Time Anomalies:
Time anomalies such as: missing time or gaining time. Confusion as to what day it might be, you go through the day thinking it is Friday and wake up the next day and find out it is Friday all over again or it could be Sunday. I personally like it when I gain a day as opposed to losing one. Suddenly you have a lapse of memory while in the middle of a thought. You are driving along and a red car is in front of you but the next moment the same car is behind you. Things seem to repeat like a song on the radio or news bulletin.

Things disappearing and /or appear
Your glasses get lost in the creek and a week later they are on the bathroom floor. You lay something down in front of you but it isn’t there when reaching for it a moment later. It can make you crazy looking for it, just wait till you get back to that reality shift and it will be exactly where you put it.
You want spaghetti sauce but not on your shelf because you ate the last jar yesterday but you reach down and a dusty jar of it appears. Sold out of your favorite treat but a lone package of it arrives on the grocery self waiting for you.
Whatever are focus is upon we draw to us. Things come almost immediately if you get out of the way and surrender to have things are with ease and delightful miracles.

Objects move from one locale to another, or back and forth through time. A parcel arrives before you order it. You reach down without thinking and whatever it is you desire can be waiting on you. Don’t think about this as illogical or to far fetch because it is a possibility.

Spontaneous healing, looking younger, things change in appearance, hair and nails grow fast. You live more heart centered and in the moment in a state of loving grace each moment a new adventure. You might have had your tonsils removed as a child but you have tonsils all of a sudden.

You might find your self engulfed in a strange mist or fog. It could seem like your looking through a gelatinous substance. Depth perception plays tricks on you, for example: the distance from your door to a tree might seem greater, or shorter. Funny Beings might shape shift out of a tree for a moment. Someone you are with starts to fade or become transparent in front of you. A feeling of expanding, elevating or elongation followed by a contracting sensation much like shrinking. You might be looking around you and all of a sudden the room seems to shift like being in a fun house or it looks almost identical but something is amiss like a different door. A moment of suddenly feeling lost in your own backyard. You get a sensation of walking past someone and can almost hear a conversation going on. Deja’vu, goose bumps, hair stands on end or maybe you sense a sudden chill or heat pocket.

Working with nature Devas and elementals, to assist with weather patterns and Gaia’s ascension. Creating a new reality based on honor, integrity and unity that respects all life. Learning to be good stewards of the earth resources, learning to shared with all the fruits of its bounty, in a manner that does not deplete but replenishes the resources so that there is a supply of unlimited abundant resources for all.

De Light Full Deborah